Round 14 Wrap by The Mauler

Round 14 Vs Singleton Rugby Club @ Rugby Park Maitland Private Hospital 1st Grade Maitland 40 (Martin 2, Peniata, Birrell, Stafford, Logan tries, Maloney 4, Batey conv) Singleton 15 Premier 1 Bar TV Highlights Firsts picked up another win but were made to work for it by the Bulls after a first half arm wrestle [...]

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Round 12 Wrap by The Mauler

Round 12 Vs Merewether Carlton @ Townson Oval Maitland Private Hospital 1st Grade Maitland 12 (Howell, Maloney tries, Maloney conv)  Merewether 19 Premier 1 Bar TV Highlights Another disappointing loss on a tough day at Townson leaves Firsts just 2 points inside finals contention ahead of Nelson Bay. Injuries before and after kickoff forced a lineup reshuffle that welcomed back [...]

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Round 11 Wrap by The Mauler

Round 11 Vs Hamilton @ Marcellin Park Maitland Private Hospital 1st Grade Maitland 27 (Logan, Curran, Brooke, Martin tries, Maloney, Estatheo conv, pen)  Hamilton 29 Premier 1 Bar TV Highlights Another narrow loss to a top two team leaves Firsts 1 point inside the top five, but well in the hunt for the finals after matching the Hawks for most of [...]

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Round 10 Wrap by The Mauler

Round 10 Vs Wanderers @ No2 Sportsground Maitland Private Hospital 1st Grade Maitland 20 (Maloney, Logan, Robinson tries, Maloney pen, Estatheo conv)  Wanderers 23 Former Black Dillon Rowney ran in two long range tries and Josh McCormack ran his mouth as Wanderers kicked a late penalty to escape a very strong performance by Maitland. Firsts enjoyed extended attacking raids [...]

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Round 9 Wrap by The Mauler

Round 9 Vs Southern Beaches @ Ernie Calland Field Maitland Private Hospital 1st Grade Maitland 17 (Maloney, Stafford tries, Maloney pen, 2 conv)  Southern Beaches 37 Welcoming back giant workhorse Michael Howell had firsts at close to full strength this week, but some soft defence and inability to hold onto the ball allowed Beaches’ classy backs to capitalize, scoring seven [...]

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Round 8 Wrap by The Mauler

Round 8 Vs Lake Macquarie @ Walters Park Maitland Private Hospital 1st Grade Maitland 24 (Howell, Stafford, Clacherty, Maloney tries, Maloney 2 conv)  Lake Macquarie 37 A reshuffled side from last week’s win did well to nullify the Roos sizeable weight advantage up front, but it was their speed men who outmuscled ours, scoring in counterattack and broken play. After [...]

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Round 7 Wrap by The Mauler

Round 7 Vs University @ Marcellin Park Maitland Private Hospital 1st Grade Maitland 24 (Watson, Stafford, Clacherty, Maloney tries, Maloney 2 conv)  University 18 Firsts sit comfortably in third place after holding off a resilient Uni 4 tries to 2. James’ Johnston, Curran and Robinson all stood out, with the Irish tight head picking up 3 Anderson Medal points despite a nervous delay [...]

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Round 6 Wrap by The Mauler

Round 6 Vs Nelson Bay @ Groper Dome Maitland Private Hospital 1st Grade Maitland 29 (Curran, O’Toole, Clacherty D., Poloai tries, Maloney pen, 3 conv)  Nelson Bay 20 The Bay provided more resistance than in recent years, especially attacking the breakdown and making clean ball rare, toying with our scrum and pushing the game right to the last few minutes before Junior sliced [...]

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Round 5 Wrap by the Mauler

Round 5 Vs Singleton @ Marcellin Park "Back to Blacks Day" Maitland Private Hospital 1st Grade Maitland 52 (Maloney 2, Peniata, Davidson, Stafford, Martin, Poloai, Armstrong tries, Maloney 6 conv)  Singeton 0 Bone rattlers from Junior and Rhys Clacherty opened a scrappy first half that could have seen the Blacks rack up more than the 19 nil half time score with better [...]

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Round 4 Wrap by the Mauler

Round 4 Vs Waratah @ Waratah Oval Maitland Private Hospital 1st Grade Maitland 33 (Estatheo 2, Brooke, O’Toole, Maloney tries, Estatheo 4 conv) Waratah 39 The referee set the tone in the 5th minute sending Sap for 10 for reasons unknown and the boys were on the back foot from the outset. Waratah were aggressive [...]

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